Advanced Algebra Lessons

Arithmetic Series Formula

Arithmetic Series Formula Practice Problems

Change-of-Base Formula for Logarithms

Complex Fractions: Simplifying

Complex Numbers: Division

Complex Numbers: Multiplication

Composition of Functions

Cramer’s Rule in 2×2

Cramer’s Rule in 3×3

Determinants: 2×2 Matrix

Determinants: 3×3 Matrix

Distance between Point and Line

Exponential Equations: Solving using Logarithms

Exponential Equations: Solving without Logarithms

Geometric Sequence Formula

Geometric Series Formula

Geometric Series Practice Problems with Answers

Infinite Geometric Series Formula

Inverse of a 2×2 Matrix

Inverse of Absolute Value Function

Inverse of Constant Function

Inverse of Exponential Function

Inverse of Linear Function

Inverse of Logarithmic Function

Inverse of Quadratic Function

Inverse of Rational Function

Inverse of Square Root Function

Logarithm Properties: Proofs

Logarithms: Explained

Logarithms: Rules

Log Rules Practice Problems with Answers

Logarithms: Combining or Condensing

Logarithms: Expanding

Logarithms: Solving Logarithmic Equations

Matrix Operation: Adding and Subtracting Matrices

Matrix Operation: Matrix Multiplication

Matrix Operation: Scalar Multiplication´╗┐

Partial Fraction Decomposition

Rational Equations: Solving

Rational Expressions: Addition and Subtraction

Rational Expressions: Multiplication

Rational Inequalities: Solving

System of Non-Linear Equations: Solving

Tough Absolute Value Equations

Verify if Two Functions are Inverses

Vertex Form of a Parabola