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At, you can learn algebra at your own pace for FREE!chilimath cubes

Let me show you how to solve math problems with a direct approach through the use of diagrams and concrete examples. Math can be challenging but it is not difficult. As a math teacher, my goal is to encourage students like you to solve as many problems as you can. With a lot of practice, you will build confidence and in the process, develop your own mathematical skills.

ChiliMath is a growing site (started around July of 2011) created for students who need extra help in math. I continually add new topics on a regular basis with the goal of including basic math topics and most lessons covered in an algebra class (Introductory Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and Advanced Algebra).

Whether you are a student studying algebra, a parent helping your kids with homework, or a teacher looking for additional learning resources...ChiliMath is the perfect place for you!


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