Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius Practice Problems

It’s time to sharpen those temperature conversion skills! For this activity, we’ll focus on how to convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Enjoy!

Here’s the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion formula for your reference.

fahrenheit to celsius conversion

Problem 1: Convert 77 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius.


25 degrees Celsius or 25° C

Problem 2: Convert – 32.8° F to °C.


– 36° C

Problem 3: What is 113 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?


45 degrees Celsius or 45° C

Problem 4: Convert – 10.3° F to °C.


– 23.5° C

Problem 5: What is – 40° F in Celsius?


– 40° C

Problem 6: Mom preheated the oven at 450° F. She then increased the temperature by 5° F to roast the chicken for 10 minutes. What was the roasting temperature in Celsius?


235° C

Problem 7: Convert 194° F to °C.


90.5° C

Problem 8: What is 0° F in Celsius? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.


About – 17.78° C or ≈ – 17.78° C

Problem 9: It is hot outside. The temperature is at 95° F. What is it in Celsius?


35° C

Problem 10: Convert 554° F to °C


290° C

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