Basic Shapes in Geometry

In addition to color, artists employ shapes to craft an image. Shapes play a crucial role in conveying the appearance of objects. Observing your surroundings reveals a variety of shapes present in items such as toys, books, cookies, fruits, and even your home. This lesson will delve into the fundamental geometric shapes that are essential in mathematics.


color red circle
  • Think of a circle as a perfect round object. It has an infinite number of sides. The effect of having “too many” sides caused its surface to appear smooth around the corners.


color green triangle
  • A triangle is a shape with three (3) sides. There are many types of triangles. Some have equal sides while some do not.


color yellow square
  • A square has four (4) equal sides. It belongs to the quadrilateral family. Quadrilaterals are shapes with 4 sides.


color orange rectangle
  • A rectangle is a shape with two sets of opposite sides that are equal. Just like the square, the rectangle also has four (4) sides and is part of the quadrilateral family.


color pink pentagon
  • A pentagon is a shape with five (5) sides.


color blue pentagon
  • A hexagon is a shape with six (6) sides.


color orange heptagon
  • A heptagon is a shape with seven (7) sides.


color purple or violet octagon
  • An octagon is a shape with eight (8) sides.


color brown nonagon
  • A nonagon is a shape with nine (9) sides.


color light blue decagon
  • A decagon is a shape with ten (10) sides.


color green oval
  • Oval has the shape of an egg. Just like the circle, it also has “smooth edges”.


color maroon kite
  • Have you flown a kite? A kite shaped object must have two sets of equal sides. The sides that are equal must be adjacent to each other.


color red heart
  • A heart shape is usually rounded on top and pointed at the bottom. The heart is the symbol of love which is why you often see a lot of heart shapes on Valentine’s Day. This shape is part of the cardioids family.


  • A crescent shape is formed when you remove a smaller circle from the edge of a bigger circle. You can also think of it is a circle where only a part of it is shown. We usually see a crescent moon between new moon and half moon.