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Slope of a Straight Line: Types of Slopes


mountain slope with kids

Generally, there are three types of slopes of a line:

Positive, Negative, and Zero

The fourth one on this list is really not considered a type of slope because it is the situation wherein the line has no slope. This is usually referred to as undefined because the denominator or the change in variable "x" is zero.

Check out how Mr.Piggy can help you remember this concept!


Positive Slope

A positive slope means the line is increasing when viewed from left to right.

As you can see, Mr. Piggy is having a hard time going up since it costs him an extra effort for an uphill climb.

diagram with Mr. Piggy wishing there is an escalator. It is a work-out when the slope is positive



Negative Slope

A negative slope means the line is decreasing when viewed from left to right.

Thanks to gravity, Mr. Piggy is definitely enjoying the slide because it takes him less effort to go down.

diagram with Mr. Piggy screaming for joy. It is easy for him to slide downhill when the slope is negative



Zero Slope

A zero slope means the line is neither increasing nor decreasing when viewed from left to right, or vice versa.

Mr. Piggy is free to showcase his running skills on this level ground.

image showing Mr. Piggy relieved to be on a level ground. Life is fair he said when the slope is zero.



Undefined Slope or No Slope

An undefined slope, or no slope means the line is neither moving to the left nor to the right such as a vertical line.

In this situation, Mr. Piggy will experience the endless "fall" of his lifetime!

graph with Mr. Piggy feeling weightless. He is going on a free fall since the slope is undefined


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